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Head Gasket

Selling Cheap Gasket Head in Jakarta

 Lubrication is important in an engine, especially a piston. Pistons work with friction and combustion of fuel so that the friction components will cause heat to the engine. Friction in the engine requires oil or lubricant which will cool the engine by lubricating components that rub against each other. To keep oil or oil still lubricating engine components, engine block sealing seals are needed that prevent oil leakage. Gaskets are a reliable solution to prevent oil and lubricant leaks, especially in engine blocks. Gaskets there are many types and types, one of which is the head gasket. Gasket head is generally used on main engine components or pistons. This product acts as a seal that is able to maintain compression in the combustion chamber while preventing oil leakage or coolant from entering the combustion chamber. Designed in the form of a block engine so that its use must be adjusted to the needs.

We sell DSG head gaskets at competitive prices in Jakarta. As a distributor of DSG parts products in Indonesia, we offer superior products with guaranteed quality, one of which is this head gasket.

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