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Skirt Piston

Selling Cheap DSG Piston Skirt in Jakarta

 The skirt is one of the piston parts which is designed close to the crankshaft which helps to straighten the piston movement in the cylinder. This product is designed with parts that are like being cut off, the aim is to reduce the weight of the piston and provide space for the crankshaft rotation. The piston skirt also acts as a component that can support the piston on the cylinder so that the noise that occurs when the piston moves inside the cylinder can be muted.
The price of a piston skirt varies depending on the type and specifications. DSG is a well-known brand that is already common in Indonesia. One of the OEM brands from the United States that was founded in 1996 as a maker of industrial machinery and heavy equipment parts, specifically for Caterpillar. We provide a wide range of quality DSG spare parts according to your needs.
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